Courses that IM Academy Provides

IM Academy is an internationally recognized digital institution. It is a learning platform that trains on information relating to trading and online financial markets. It uses training resources that include pre-recorded video materials, online live sessions and online reading materials. The academy uses its website and mobile application as the sites that its students can use to access the learning materials.

IM Learning Resources

IM Academy has divided its learning courses into four major academies and included a package for add-on topics. Each academy is a classification of a specific topic that the academy offers.

FRX Academy

This is the most common course that is sought after by many students. FRX academy entails teaching information on the topic of foreign currency exchange. The course materials are handled to include information that beginner forex traders can learn from. It also additionally has complex topics towards the end of the course schedule. They include learning of trends and stop loss.

ECX Academy

IM Academy has a course structure that teaches on a different way of gaining from the financial market. This academy does not have information on trading but on how to manage online businesses. It gives comprehensive information on various income streaming businesses that people can engage in. This academy is more expensive than others because of the bulk of detail that it contains.

HFX Academy

This academy uses the same model of learning similar to FRX academy. It trains on information involving high frequency exchange which is another form of trade. The course structure of this academy allows for expert forex traders to learn skills that they can use to profit while trading. People can find topics involving margins, leverage and spread.

DFX Academy

DFX academy is also similar to HFX and FRX academy. It comprises topics relating to digital currencies. It is different because this type of trade is different from forex trading. The academy teaches information on currencies like crypto currencies, blockchain and news trading. Interested people can use this information to profit on trades without needing more from FRX academy.

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