ElectrifAi Leverages Data for Mid-Sized Companies

How ElectrifAi Helps Mid-Market Companies Leverage Data To Drive Business Value

Data is one of the essential assets for businesses of all sizes, but it’s particularly valuable for mid-market companies facing fierce competition from larger, better-funded organizations. However, mid-market companies often don’t have the resources to hire an internal data science team, so prebuilt machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision solutions from ElectrifAi have become essential.

Global AI solutions experts like ElectrifAi’s CEO Edward Scott are helping mid-market companies gain an edge on their competitors and mobilize their data, optimize operations, and improve their bottom line within just six to eight weeks.

The Challenges Mid-Market Companies Face

Mid-market companies often face an uphill battle when leveraging their data. As Edward Scott points out, most assume their data is inherently clean and actionable, but Scott’s experience is that this isn’t usually the case. Mid-market companies often have missing, misleading, or otherwise incomplete data, of which outliers and multiple sources make it impossible to draw accurate conclusions.

Without data, businesses can limp somewhat, but over time this leads to stagnation and, ultimately, their ultimate demise. According to a study from McKinsey & Company, organizations that don’t invest in data are 23 times less likely to acquire customers and 19 times less likely to turn a profit compared to their counterparts who invest in data.

How Prebuilt ElectrifAi Solutions Give Mid-Market Companies An Edge

The challenge facing mid-market companies is that they need to use their data to become more competitive — but how? Enter prebuilt solutions from this AI. These AI tools help companies clean, organize and transform their data before merging it with other sources to leverage it to solve pressing business problems.