Government and Corporate Leadership- Frances Fragos Townsend

For over 20 years, France Fragos Townsend has been serving the public. Ms. Townsend was active in the public service, and during the September 11th attack, she was appointed by President George W. Bush as the chair of Homeland Security. While serving in the commission, Fragos had a lot to learn about leadership and how to work under harsh conditions. France Frago’s was then considered to be the one carrying the security of the United States. While serving the public, Townsend gained vast experience and skills that have helped her even after she left public service. Ms. Townsend is the Vice President for commercial affairs at Activation Blizzard.

According to France Fragos Townsend, the skills you will need to succeed in the private sector are the skills required to do well as a government servant. Townsend also mentioned that it could not be you only; you cannot serve people in the government and cooperate with your ego. Since he began serving, Fragos has set herself apart from her female and male peers. Fragos Townsend was born in 1961, three days after Christmas, in Mineola, New York. Fragoso’s mother worked in the construction industry while her father was a roofer and the one taking care of his family. When she was a young girl, Fragos broke the traltar adition of what was considered a boys club. She often wrote letters to bishops and priests requesting to be an boy.

Townsend was a go-getter from when she was young. At one point, she tried to sneak into the church dressed as a boy so she could be at the altar. She has continued to set records of leadership since then in both the government and the corporate sector.

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