Greg Blatt’s View On Business And Politics

Office politics are a common occurrence, especially in this era of corporate transparency. More people want to know what is happening in the high offices and how the leaders do business. Greg Blatt has been part of such politics and helps CEOs deal with these issues while maintaining sanity among workmates.

According to the Match Group CEO, one main aspect he emphasizes is that a corporation is not a person. There are many people involved, including the executive board, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. Therefore, the overall political view of a corporation becomes a business decision, not an individual’s opinion.

Many executives would like to keep their tech companies out of politics, but it isn’t easy. Even such a decision gets considered a political stand, and the firm will receive criticism for it. One cannot avoid getting politicized in this current era where millennials and Generation Z make up a significant part of the staff.

Therefore, Greg advises CEOs to get relevant information before making any political stand. It’s essential to avoid making decisions from the bits of information on social media and news platforms. Such data is usually very biased. One should have thoroughly researched the matter and known the best place for the company to stand.

Since the firms cannot stay apolitical, CEOs must find a way to navigate the murky water when the need arises. Proper communication should also be a priority to avoid causing chaos among the stakeholders and employees. Society today requires CEOs to be well-equipped and know how to answer tough political questions. There is no way around it.

Greg Blatt is an industry executive in the tech world. He has held high positions in companies such as the Match Group, IAC, Tinder, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Blatt has successfully held roles as chairman, CEO, and executive chairman throughout his career. Part of his stamina in business came from his father, who always took his stand boldly on matters he believed in. This mentorship helped him always to speak his mind and not easily get swayed by people’s opinions.

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