See NoCal The Traveling Vineyard Way

Traveling Vineyard wine guides have a great position where they make their living hosting private wine tasting events where they teach others about how best to enjoy wine! The events generally include food pairings in addition to the tastings, and a lot of knowledge about the wines and the accompanying food is shared.

In addition to these in-home events, the guides get to get out on the road and share their wine enthusiast love. Northern California is a natural fit for wine lovers, and Traveling Vineyard guides are not shy about their fondness for this spot!

While Northern California, and its highlight, Napa Valley, are known for some of the world’s best wine, the guides were able to locate some other worthwhile activities as well. Visiting vineyards on a trip to Napa goes without saying, and the info is out there on how best to go about this. Non-wine related jaunts require a bit more digging and the Traveling Vineyard guides have sourced a number of great ones. A few days at the vineyards may leave one feeling a bit off due to the vast amount of wines and food that they have enjoyed, and what better antidote is there than a day at the spa? The rest and relaxation will have you up and ready to go in no time, with more vineyards to explore.

Traveling Vineyard has a unique business model that is centered around wine, of course, but also around learning about the entire wine process and sharing this knowledge with others. The Traveling Vineyard guides provide lovely wines at their private wine tasting events but in addition to that, they are happy to share what they have learned about the world of wine. The entire experience can vary based on what the participants want their guide to focus on, whether it be the best food pairings for certain varietals or the best wine to share with friends on a hot summer day. The business model is set-up to help guides succeed, and the company has many wine guides who have embraced the role on a full-time basis.