The Things that Set Apart Securus Technologies From Their Competitors

Securus Technologies is now considered the leading technology and systems provider for better prison environments in North America. Many prisons and correction agencies in the United States, their whole territory, use the systems of Securus Technologies in their facilities, especially the communication system, a specialization from the company.


Securus Technology is currently serving around 2,200 prisons across the US and Canada, a record when you consider the percentage comparing the maximum number of facilities spread across both nations. The company does that with around 2,600 contracts with the penitentiary owners. But like most other businesses, it has competitors, one of which is Global Tel Link.


However, when comparing companies that provide the same type of technology, be it in the communication field or in some other area, Securus Technologies has the upper hand against their competitors. The main reason for their advantage is because they own their own call centers for their customer service and their customer service allows them to respond promptly and professionally to any and all customer inquiries. This is, of course, for the benefit of Securus’ customers.

Securus Technologies is also winning against competition because of the positive online reviews that they get from the use of their products.


One such review is from a penitentiary that stated that through the use of Securus Technologies’ installed devices, intel was recovered through inmate phone calls about the possible use of narcotics inside the prison, threats, money laundering, and other crimes. Another penitentiary reported that through the monitoring systems from Securus, they were able to get a search warrant for a corrupt prison staff who introduced illegal contraband in that particular prison. The corrupted man was arrested the next day because of the monitoring system that allowed them to spot the conversation where they discussed their plans.

Of course, all of these positive reviews are only possible because customers are happy with Securus’ products.



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