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Developing a sustainable economic environment for institutions is no easy task. As it is so, many factors go into creating an enabling environment. While there are many factors, Jeremy Goldstein goes further to highlight and shed light on those that best work for the organizations. Over the years, the New York-based attorney has witnessed firsthand, the battle in which the workers and long-term investors stand to lose. Having worked with several organizations, Jeremy Goldstein has mastered the art of creating an enabling environment. As a result, he stands best to advise on the use of Earnings per Share (EPS) and a variety of other programs that create a viable economic environment for businesses.


EPS is a good thing when it comes to employee incentives. On the other hand, EPS are significant influencers of the price of the stock. Therefore, they become a crucial base of interest for investors. EPS drives the shareholders to trade and provides an incentive for businesses to increase the payout per employee. Studies conducted shows that including EPS in the company overall pay contributes to its overall success. However, even with these advantages, the competitive nature of shares may allow entities to use it to an unfair advantage. It is also said that the use of this structure leads to favoritism. The opponents of EPS believe that other than the system providing control, it allows executives the power that may lead to skewing of accurate results to promote the sale of shares.


On the other hand, there those opponents who believe that EPS metrics favor those interested in only short-term profitability. As a result, it provides no sustainable growth for the organization in the long run. Performance-based pay programs are associated with unreliability and dynamism according to the critics. As a result, it increases the fear of using EPS to back stock exchange. It is, therefore, important to refocus on long-term goals and strengthen the share value. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the best way is by finding a way of holding CEOs accountable for their actions rather than doing away with EPS metrics altogether.


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Jeremy Goldstein career began in New York where he practiced law. Later, he ventured out and created his practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has worked with cellular companies, banking companies, and other large corporates on matters relating to monetary legality and compensation. Jeremy Goldstein lists among the top 500 legal practitioners in the States. Additionally, he is an author with an inclination on current and popular matters. Finally, he participates in several charitable activities much of which is at Fountain House.


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