I Am Intrigued By End Citizens United

End Citizens United has changed my mind many times over about campaign finance, and I have been intrigued because of how they plan to educate us as the public. I have learned quite a lot from them, and I know that there are many people who will learn as I did by reading their social media feed. I want to see them raise the money they need to push through their agenda, and I hope that there are many others like me who will help out.


#1: End Citizens United Is Easy To Understand


End Citizens United is a PAC that is quite interested in changing the way campaigns in America are financed. Someone who wishes to learn about campaign finance may read their social media feed, and they post news that is easy to understand. It is quite simple to read their news stories, and someone who must ensure that they are educated will read as much as possible. I have been reading, and I know many different people who have read just as much as I have.


#2: Their Goals


The goal of End Citizens United is to change the way that all campaigns are financed. Someone who wishes to run for office must have quite a lot of money, and there is evidence that the campaign for President has brought big money into government. The government must have a change in the laws that govern how campaigns are financed, and they cannot change unless they have congress change the laws that pay their bills.


#3: End Citizens United Will End All Special Interests


All the special interests that are out there today are quite a large problem for people like me because they often skirt the issues that I believe must be addressed. I have beliefs that are quite strong, and the beliefs become much stronger every day I see the government go in a direction I do not believe in. I think that may congressman will not listen to me until they have had all big money removed from their reality.


#4: It Will Take Time


I believe it will take quite a lot of time to change the campaign finance laws, but I believe that it is possible. We will band together to help End Citizens United earn money, and they have been reported as raising four million dollars quickly. They have many more to raise, and I hope to see it happen.


I have become interested in the plight of End Citizens United, and I believe that they will continue to teach us about the impact of big money. They want to see money removed from government so that bright people of conscience may make a difference.