The Mystery of Canadian Craft Beer

Beer is one of the beverages that has existed for ages. It’s a popular drink for many adults. Craft beer has more popularity among people compared to the mass-market for domestic beer globally. There is no definite reason behind the craft beer’s popularity since the method of manufacture are almost similar, but its culture is a possibility.

The beer industries continue to draw people’s interest more! Wine did a lot better compare to beer in the past, but with time, beer has come to dominate in the industry. The world continues to diversely grow to pose a challenge to the beer breweries bringing them to a higher level of competition daily. It has brought about beer competitions within the USA.


Canada stood out in the 2017 competitions beating their competitors with the impressive quality of beer of different varieties. They won two dozen medals during these competitions. Steamworks breweries being in the lead of the Canadian craft beer, they sure brought their reputation to a whole new level.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Brewing Empire


Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks breweries has quite a reputation for his brewing skills and has operated in the business since 1995. He has ventured into a variety of challenging businesses and tackled them all. He is impeccable at his job. Eli does not meet the standards of your stereotypical high positioned boss. He is calm and incredibly modest. But he is the master of brewing craft beer and is determined to continue revolutionizing Canadian beer.


He works tirelessly to meet the market’s demand and create even better quality beer. Eli believes that his determination will make his breweries legendary with the competition they are already having to their competitors and has no intention of stopping.


Eli Gershkovitch has an impressive personality in even his education background ( He attended law school for starters before he had even known he wanted to explore into beverage brewing. Besides managing a brewery, Eli still practices law. But he felt he needed to do something bigger than law to create an impression.


Mr. Gershkovitch didn’t achieve his success easy. There were many obstacles that he faced during his journey. The liquor control board was against him at first, and there were many reasons why he could have stopped, but he didn’t. He continues to carry out his mission with modesty glad he got to fulfill his dream.

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