Jason Hughes San Diego and Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino is a company led by Jason Hughes that has grown to be the leader in its industry. In addition to providing professional accounting, they also offer professional services in tax, trust and estate planning, investment management, structured finance, consulting, corporate governance, and risk management. Jason Hughes has grown it to success. What makes Hughes Marino different? They are not just a part of the business world; they are leaders of the business world. To reach this level of success, they need to have a top-notch staff. 


These highly-skilled professionals can offer their clients the best possible service. With over 800 employees on staff and over $600 million in annual revenue, this company is at the top of its game. Here are some ways that Hughes Marino has reached its current status (Techtimes).


  1. Sale-leaseback Transactions


Sale-leaseback transactions are becoming more common in the financial services industry. A sale-leaseback is a transaction where a business sells its assets and leases them back to itself. This allows companies to use their capital for other purposes, such as expansion or upgrading their equipment. For example, led by successful CEO and businessman Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino could purchase a new office building from itself and lease it back from itself to expand. The company also sold its buyer representation division for $44 million and contracted it to operate as a separate company instead of having all of its employees working in one location.


  1. Project Management

For a business to be successful, it must follow guidelines. Hughes Marino has reached such success because they are committed to following these guidelines. For example, they will not start any major projects without ensuring that everything is in place beforehand. Hughes Marino has reached such a high level of success due to its following guidelines. They are also committed to keeping their employees happy, which is essential because it helps them continue success. Hughes Marino is a company that continues to grow and will continue to expand in the future.