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Joseph Ashford Ellis Life History and Career Journey

Joseph Ashford Ellis K4 Global, of the firm Ellis, Hunt & Co. and later Ellis & Son, was an English architect. They designed numerous buildings in Birmingham, including the New Street Station. Joseph Ashford Ellis also designed the new South African Parliament Building in Cape Town, which incorporated a number of his ideas regarding the use of iron and concrete. Ellis wrote this book to let the world know about how terrible slavery was and to stop it from happening again in the future. Ellis’s book is full of facts about slavery that are hard to believe. He gives a detailed description of how the enslaved people were made to work for twelve hours a day and how they suffered from torture. Ellis also gives a lot of information about the attempted escapes of enslaved people caught.

  1. Joseph Ashford Ellis K4 Global Career

Although Joseph Ashford Ellis’s work was not completed, he had been practicing architecture since the early 1800s. He set up his firm with John Hunt and James Ellis. They worked together for 6 years before Hunt left to open his practice. The new firm of Ellis & Son was created by Joseph and James Ellis. Joseph continued to practice as an architect.

  1. Joseph Ashford Ellis Education

Ellis was educated at the University of Cambridge, Bournemouth, known as one of the top schools in England. He studied at the University for 3 years to become a qualified architect. Ellis graduated with a degree in architecture and received a master’s degree from Cambridge. After graduating from King’s College,Bournemouth, Joseph became a partner in the firm of Ellis & Co., which was also known as Ellis & Hunt.

Joseph Ashford Ellis was an incredibly successful architect who helped improve the lives of enslaved people. His book, “The History of Slavery as Told by Its Victims,” is a great example of how he used his knowledge and talents to help society.

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