Justin Sun Speaks at UDC About the Future of Web3

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, was recently invited to speak at UDC. He introduced TRON’s vision and how they are leading the way in Web 3.0 by anticipating and growing its user base. He believes that their vision for the new Web 3.0 holds tremendous potential, where everyone has access to their favorite content. The decentralized nature helps by eliminating centralized sources of power. According to him, Web 3.0 can make a change in the industry to decentralize, support transparency, and scalability. Despite the challenges in the evolution of Web 3.0, such as government regulations and lack of public consensus, Sun holds on to his belief that digitization will define the future. Virtual assets have expanded in recent years and are expected to continue. Tron has been introducing new initiatives and business innovations in the rapidly growing Web 3.0, with technological applications that are now widespread.

TRON has been very involved in the blockchain industry, offering many creative aspects that advance it. These include creating an art contests program for artists and building a digital file through innovative technology. As TRON’s user base grows, it is expected to have a user base that is the size of Ethereum next year. It’s currently increasing by 50 million users a year. Justin Sun emphasized that it is the first decentralized stablecoin with full collateralization and over-collateralization. Dunamu Inc. hosted the UDC in Korea; this marks the first Blockchain Conference for developers. The UDC hosted a BPEX for the fifth time in September of 2022. Attendees were excited to learn about new trends in the blockchain industry and how to use NFT for their businesses. There were also many discussions on Metaverse, DeFi, web 3.0, and other upcoming trends.

Justin Sun was invited to attend many events and conferences this year. A good blockchain platform with TRON’s native protocol and metadata storage system built on it has been created. Sun is one of TRON’s pillars and attended the UDC conference, which has called for much attention and heated discussions within the TRON ecosystem. Many speculate that this may hint at TRON’s expansion into the South Korean market.

Learn more about Justin Sun: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/justin-sun-cbba