Kelcy Warren Believes Success Is Something That Everyone Should Try Hard To Achieve

Kelcy Warren grew up in Gladewater, Texas. Kelcy went to a Baptist church which shaped his life. Kelcy had a hard time growing up with finances with his family, but he found ways to make extra money to aid his family. He started to do odd jobs when he was twelve. Kelcy Warren dragged hay and worked for thirty cents an hour at a local gas station. When Kelcy got older, he took several jobs dealing with oil fields. He assisted in fixing oilfield leaks and the construction doing pipelines. He was taught at a young age to save his money but never waste it.

Kelcy Warren did very well in school, so his high school counselor, encouraged Mr. Warren to get a four-year degree in engineering. Kelcy eventually succeeded after he went to the University of Texas. He was able to pay for the entire degree when he was a teenager.

Kelcy graduated in 1978, earning his degree in civil engineering, and Lone Star Gas Company hired him as a pipeline design engineer. A few years later, he joined “Endevco”, a small energy development company. That is when Kelcy moved into the commercial phase of energy development.

Mr. Warren is pleased to have had success in his career. However, Kelcy believes success is something he will always try hard for. Success is a peak I have yet to climb.

Kelcy often meets with young adults and advises them to be honest with themselves. He says, “Having balance in your life is important.”

Kelcy Warren achieved his Horatio Alger Award, saying, “I’m anxious to learn more about the scholarship programs. Although young adults at the Horatio Alger Association are aided to get a college education, they have had more difficulty in their lives than I had. However, education is essential; you cannot have too much today.

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