Looking Into Diogo Corona’s Career And Responsibilities

Diogo Corona is an established and highly recognized Brazilian business leader. He currently holds the Chief Operating Officer position at Smart Fit, an innovative fitness club franchise, and the Chief Executive Officer at TotalPass, a corporate wellness benefit platform.

Diogo’s journey at Smart Fit, the most extensive Latin American gym network, started with an administrative intern position. He got that position during his senior year at Sao Paulo’s Insper Institute of Education and Research.

Even after earning his business administration bachelor’s degree in 2010, Diogo Corona remained at the company and took on various roles that equipped him with relevant finance experience. His leading positions included an executive director, a planning manager, and an expansion analyst.

He later joined a financial institution called Itau Unibanco, where he shortly served as an analyst. Corona got his position as the Smart Fit COO in 2016, where he became responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in its Peru, Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Chile locations.

His specific responsibilities included overseeing the company’s expansion, pricing activities, and financial planning. He also serves as an officer in some of the company’s subsidiaries.

Diogo Corona focuses on an integrated fitness approach combining traditional physical activities and technological solutions. According to him, using innovative platforms with professional coaches who offer personalized services offers a holistic program that meets many clients’ needs.

That is because clients can set goals and monitor their progress more efficiently while maintaining easy professional advice accessibility. With his roles at the organization, Diogo also encourages community building, which helps create an environment for clients to feel more connected to their coaches and peers.

He believes it encourages clients to maintain their healthy lifestyle, even when they no longer attend the gym. To promote a sense of community, Corona created online forums and group classes where clients can engage with each other and help maintain their motivation.

During an IdeaMensch interview, Diogo Corona said they created the platform as an alternative to available aggregators, Gympass in Brazil and ClassPass in the US.