Mitto COO Ilja Gorelik – Recent Press Recaps

The world of customer engagement has come a long way from one-way communication. Today, it’s all about creating personalized experiences for customers across all communication channels, including SMS, email, and chatbots. Ilja Gorelik, the COO, and Co-founder of Mitto AG, a global communications provider, highlighted this in a recent article, stating that companies need to understand their customers’ preferences and behaviors to tailor their messages accordingly.

Gorelik believes that successful customer engagement is about creating a two-way conversation where customers feel heard, engaged, and responded to. He emphasized the importance of brands listening to their customers, understanding their needs and preferences, and delivering relevant and personalized experiences across all communication channels.

Omnichannel marketing, according to Gorelik, is about creating a cohesive and consistent experience for the customer. He stressed that it’s not just about being present on multiple channels but being able to connect those channels and create a unified experience. This means that businesses need to be able to seamlessly communicate with customers across all channels, including SMS, email, chatbots, and social media.

Gorelik believes that data is key to successful customer engagement and omnichannel marketing. Companies need to collect and analyze customer data to understand their customers’ preferences and behaviors. By doing so, they can create more relevant and personalized experiences that meet their customers’ needs.

Mitto AG is a great example of how successful customer engagement and omnichannel marketing can help businesses connect with their customers effectively. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Switzerland, and its success is based on its ability to deliver personalized experiences and seamless communication across multiple channels to know more click here.