Mo Katibeh Explains How Tech Plays a Role in His Career

As a tech entrepreneur, Mo Katibeh is no stranger to the power of technology. He dives into this topic in his TEDx talk “The Fierce Game of Digital Disruption.” His first international venture was an online marketing platform with clients from all over the world. After that success, he co-founded Outbox — which became one of just three companies outside the US to bypass all US data servers and connect directly with ISPs to cut down on bandwidth costs for consumers.

Katibeh is also the co-founder of Disruptive.Co — a social networking platform for leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders. Launched in February 2012 with $50K seed funding from Matrix Partners, it has grown to over 1 million members in more than 150 countries. Katibeh is an advisor to several companies in the Middle East, including Movamat. He has been featured on Forbes Entrepreneur and Fast Company magazines’ “The Most Promising Entrepreneurs lists.”

Mo Katibeh is a Strategist and Advisor to a leading technology consulting firm, Strategy &. He is a member of The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and an active speaker on digital Strategy and social media at conferences worldwide.

Mo Katibeh has completed three economic, scientific, and scholarly research projects for IBM Research in Israel, where he was part of a team that co-designed the first low-power embedded CPU chip for mobile devices from scratch. He is also the author of “Onwards & Upwards: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Embracing Change” (a TED book) and “The Fierce Game of Digital Disruption.” He has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Forbes Africa.

Before founding Disruptive, Co, Mo founded the world’s first online marketing agency,, where he served as CEO. Outbox was a non-US tech company listed on NASDAQ and traded on the NYSE MKT exchange under NASDAQ: OBX. The company raised $8MM in venture funding and employed over 800 people worldwide through its IPO (sold to Ariba for less than 4% of the equity value raised). He has also co-founded several successful technology startups, including Newbridge Networks (NASDAQ: NCW) and RediSoft (NASDAQ: 613).