Raffaele Riva Career and Personal Accomplishments

Raffaele Riva is an internationally recognized financial expert. In the past, the celebrated professional has served in prestigious international organizations and has always positively impacted companies. The businessman is the founder and chairperson of the successful AUREA Multi-Family Office.

Since 2008 when the international company was launched, it has enjoyed a lot of success because of its experienced leader and founder. Riva is a partner and co-owner of the successful global facility. Although the facility faces diverse challenges because of its fast growth, Raffaele always ensures it doesn’t fall by offering valuable expertise. The high-profile clients partnering with the company trust the investment options given by Raffaele Riva. These professionals have seen the expertise Riva has accumulated over the decades.

Amid tough economics, these clients know they will not have sleepless nights because of their investments. Raffaele Riva sits with his finance experts to design and execute the ideal and effective wealth plans every customer requires. Most international clients cannot find similar services in other companies.

AUREA Multi-Family Office, since its inception, has enjoyed a great reputation in the global arena. Multiple international companies have also been established under the Rafaela-led company. A few years before the creation of AUREA Multi-Family Office, Raffaele Riva was the managing partner for multiple organizations. His greatest responsibility in all the companies was to offer crucial advice to businesses. Although Riva was making a good income from his respected positions, his greatest mission was to acquire more knowledge and later create his firm.

Raffaele has also been very lucky to enjoy professional memberships in different organizations. These memberships have assisted the executive in understanding the professional changes happening in finance. Riva has mentored many individuals through these platforms too. The hard-working businessman has earned a great reputation in the global community because of his discipline and commitment to customer issues.

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