Senior Partner at Mirabaud- Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud is a financial expert with vast experience in the economic and the banking industry; he is also a senior partner at Mirabaud, one of the oldest banking firms in Genevan. Yves, with his team, is working on new technology to help improve the distribution of services and products by the bank. Recently Mr Mirabaud was talking about the Mirabauds performance since its inception. During the interview, Yves was asked about the 2019 performance that was disappointing compared to previous years. According to the observation, the 2018 -2019 performance was better than the 2020 affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yves continues to say that the banking firm called the year 2020 for self-effacement and one of the best five years since the bank’s inception.

Yves Mirabaud explained that the fall in revenue was predisposed by various factors, one of them being the weakening of the United States dollar. The financial banking company puts its clients ahead of its revenue; that is why it began to secure its aggressively accomplished customer portfolios in March before the economic troubles. The firm experienced excellent performance as 60% of its customers were inactively invested during the enormously active stage in the market. Yves Mirabaud and the company were proud of the performance because it favored the clients and the banking facility.

The hedge plan benefited most from the boom. Yves agreed and did not forget to mention that as much as the firm is perceived as old-fashioned, it is never violently out of the marketplace. Mirabaud’s customers were happy as the bank did not receive any complaints from them and their portfolios saw less instability; as a result, customers got enough rest. Due to the pandemic, Yves mentioned that the banking organization is keen on its spending. As much as Covid-19 affected revenues, it also saved on spending in some areas, including sponsoring events, entertainment and travelling.

Yves Mirabaud has served as a senior partner at Mirabaud three years after joining the company. Go to this page for more information.


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