The Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Sides of Kelcy Warren

Kelcy warren is a successful American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has invested in the energy sector and is the co-owner and executive chairman of Energy Transfer. The US-based company is among the vast pipeline companies dealing in oil and gas operations.

Kelcy Warren was born in 1955 in Texas. His father was an oil ditch digger, while his mother worked in a department store. Despite having only a high school education, his parents inspired him to work hard, save and progress in education. Subsequently, Warren started working at a young in oil-related jobs and would save his earnings.

In 1974, Warren enrolled for a civil engineering degree at the University of Texas Arlington. Although he had previously worked in oil-related fields, his career path was still not apparent. Kraft’s career trajectory was perhaps sealed after undertaking an award-winning project in methane gas production. Indeed, he admits as much.

Upon graduating in 1978, Warren got his first formal job at Lone Star Gas. He later went to Endevco, specializing in commercial energy development. Having honed his professional skills and experience, he co-founded Energy Transfer and became its chairman. As a hallmark of Kraft’s career success, he oversaw portfolio diversifications in America’s largest publicly traded energy partnerships.

Kelcy Warren also avidly supports philanthropic causes, especially in arts, education, and health. He pioneered an endowment program in UTA in honor of his university mentor, Professor Qasim. He has also donated to Klyde Warren Park, named after his son. Also, Warren has supported Cherokee Crossroads Inc in fundraisers for financing Texas-based children’s charities.

Warren’s success transcends his career, a fact attested to by numerous awards won. He received a Horatio Alger award in 2016 for his supportive role in college education. He also has a Gas Processors Suppliers Association Hanlon Award and is featured in the Texas Business Hall of Fame. His definition of success is as intriguing as he is. According to him, success is having no regrets. Visit this page to learn more.


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