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Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO On Solar Energy as an Energy Effective Means

Solar energy from PosiGen has multiple advantages to the expenditure of a household. The wise decision to install solar energy in a home can enable one to save a lot in paying utility bills. Led by Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen is an organization with the ability to implement the usage of solar power for all. The organization’s main objective is to ensure affordable access to power. 


As Thomas Neyhart recalls, the solar power company targets to assist the communities with low to moderate incomes. Through their leasing program of solar panels, PosiGen has made it possible for households to consider saving their income through the common usage of the utility bills. Solar energy power is a chance for people to generate their energy in their own homes. 


This reduces the reliability of the external power sources, which are sometimes affected by many factors leading to failure. Consequently, Thomas Neyhart explains, solar energy can be regarded as reliable for family use as it can control its usage and energy cost. The PosiGen assists the households in maintaining their power usage through net metering. 

This is more advantageous to families that produce excess energy as it can be directed to the grid in exchange for credits. In conclusion, to save on energy and sustain its efficiency, PosiGen has the best personnel to identify the actual power needed by your household. Thomas Neyhart finally adds that it involves the identification of critical causes of energy losses in your home and finding means to make improvements for optimum energy usage. Therefore, PosiGen is an organization to consider when looking for energy alternatives for your household.