Who Is Raffaele Riva And Why Is He A Leader In The Industry?

Raffaele Riva is a well-known international businessman. He comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience with handling international financial transactions. He uses his skill and experience to successfully run AUREA in this industry. They cater to wealthy clients and one big way they stand out from the competition is that they believe in developing services that cater to their clients’ needs.

Instead of expecting their clients to force their needs to fit in their predeveloped boxes of what they offer. Some of the services that the offer includes Asset management, Audits, Budgeting assistance, Charitable contributions, Estate planning

Wealth management and more. They provide their service to businesses and private citizens alike. Another thing that makes them very successful on an international level is that Raffaele Riva speaks three different languages as well as has dual citizenship so it breaks down a lot of the communication barriers that they might otherwise have to deal with.

Another thing that sets them apart is thanks to Raffaele Riva connections and experience in the industry they are not scrambling to find banks to work with. He has over the years made the needed connection to have a close-knit group of banks and financial professionals to work with to make sure that his clients are getting the best of the best. See related link for more information.

Which allows the clients to have the best experience possible and to have the needed support available so that if there are any needs or concerns, they can get addressed and the client does not feel alone. This is also very beneficial to the company so that they get good word of mouth advertising as well as return customers so it is truly a win-win situation. The proof of the company doing its job well is in the proof of all the praises that they get from previous clients. There are many big business clients that cannot sing their praises of the company enough. They have claimed that without AUREA Multi-family Office, there are mergers that would have fallen through or not been as easy as they were for them to complete.


Find more information about Riva on https://medium.com/@raffaeleriva