Yubo Research Shows More Gen Z Planning to View Eurovision Events through Social Media This Year

Yubo is a Paris-based app used by Gen Z for socializing. It started operations in 2015 and has since enjoyed steady growth, with more people signing up for its services globally. The app boasts a presence in 140 nations and over 60 million subscribers. Yubo is simple to use; thus, the young generation finds it easy to connect with others from different localities worldwide.

Users love it because it provides a platform to chat, play games, and live stream with others who share their interests. A recent study indicates that the social app noted a change in engagement and viewership by the young generation. The shift was seen during the Eurovision Song Contest events. A survey conducted by Yubo in May 2023 revealed that fewer Gen Z in the UK would watch the events through television. However, young individuals would still follow the progress through social media.

The social platform’s leadership conducted the poll in April 2023 and included over 1,000 young adults and teenagers in the UK. The respondents comprised individuals aged between 13 and 25 to reflect the app’s user base. The company’s management conducted the poll to determine the youngsters’ relationship with the Eurovision contest over the years.

Approximately 28 percent of the participants noted that they had watched the contest with their family members during their younger years. However, 21 percent of the participants prefer to watch the Eurovision experience through social media instead of television. The research indicates that 29 percent of the respondents prefer using high-tech computerized platforms, increasing the 2023 Eurovision viewership.

This year, the Eurovision managers hosted the grand finale in Liverpool city. It was the first time the event took place in the UK in over two decades. Unlike in other years, fewer individuals have bought Eurovision tickets. Most people plan to view it through television and social media to know more click here.