Zaxby’s is America’s Fastest-Growing Restaurant App

Zaxby’s is America’s fastest-growing restaurant app. With $900 million in the bank, this fast casual restaurant chain has a lot of momentum behind them right now. A recent study revealed that Zaxby’s is experiencing an exponential growth trend. The company’s total sales were about $4 billion in 2017 and it expects to grow to $6 billion by 2020. That kind of growth potential is a big benefit for investors.

Zaxby’s Menu

Zaxby’s offers a wide variety of chicken sandwiches and other chicken-related meals. There are also sides, salads and other items that can be enjoyed with the chicken sandwiches. The company also offers traditional Southern food items like biscuits and gravy, tater tot casserole, cheese grits, cornbread (the restaurant chain even has a cornbread recipe on their website), and banana pudding. Zaxby’s also sells chicken footballs, which are chicken tenders covered in cheese and Cajun spices.

Zaxby’s Online Ordering

The company has an award-winning mobile app that allows customers to browse the menu, find a location, place orders for takeout or delivery, as well as earn rewards when using it. The company has a loyalty program that rewards customers with deals and other benefits. Customers can earn rewards for ordering online, for referring friends, and at the restaurant. The app also allows customers to order ahead of time, create a catering menu from scratch, or send food and drinks directly to a friend’s house using the Zaxby’s Delivery App.

New Products

The company is constantly experimenting with new menu items and specials. For example, a recently introduced product is the chocolate chip-topped brownie sundae that has been added to their dessert menu. It’s management is confident that this milkshake will be a hit with customers. Other new additions to the menu are zesty lemon pepper wings, chipotle chicken fingers, and wild Carolina Buffalo Tenders as well as fried green tomato sandwich. For IOS users, go to this app, for more information.


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