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CEO Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group Talks About Caldera House

Randal Nardone is a New York City businessman who has been a leader at many companies. He co-founded the global investment firm Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He has also served as one of its three principals and as the chief executive officer. Randal Nardone mostly works on the private equity side of the business where he creates and acquires companies. The companies he has been involved with are in many industries such as healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and hospitality.

He says that 2018 was a very notable year at Fortress Investment Group. Just before 2018 came to a close his company, a publicly traded firm, was purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation. This meant his company went back being privately held. Randal Nardone says that among the big benefits was that he no longer had to devote lots of his time to getting people to invest in his firm and dealing with quarterly reports. Randal Nardone says that working with SoftBank has been pretty much what he’s heard it would be like. Along with the other two principals, he is independently operating the company and deciding what they will invest in. A lot of what they have been investing in recently is real estate, including Caldera House in Teton Village, Wyoming and more

Caldera House was created by Randal Nardone along with Wes Edens, David Barry, and Michael Novogratz. It is a luxury hotel that has four 5,00 square foot suites and four 1,500 square foot suites. It’s a great place to stay for those who want to ski in the winter or go rock climbing in the summer. Any time of year it can also be enjoyed by those just wanting to relax and do low-key things like shopping.

Randal Nardone says one exciting thing people staying at Caldera House can do is go on a tour of Yellowstone National Park on snowmobiles. This is about a six-hour tour that goes through woods, along the banks of rivers, and through mountains. There is a lot of amazing wildlife to see, he says, and the tour is different every time.