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Citizen App Protect Feature Options

Citizen app has been around a while now, but it put out its first paid future recently. This new safety feature is called “Protect”. The way it works is that the subscriber connects to a live safety agent to help guide them when they are in stressful situations.

In general, Citizen app uses information from police scanners as well as from crowd-sourced information to help its users make the best choices when they are in serious situations. Those who use the new protect feature are able to let an agent tell here a subscriber is, and follow along. A Citizen employee can then talk to them in text or in video.

They can also escalate calls to emergency services such as 911 if the situation warrants it. The live agent from the Citizen App also has the ability to connect to the subscriber’s contacts to let them know what’s going on, or even create a “public incident” to solicit help from other app subscribers nearby.

Citizen App was originally a one-way system where they just gave information to subscribers. However, with this new plan they will turn it into a two-way system where subscribers can then contact the app to ask for help.

In general, Protect Agents are people who formally worked in law enforcement, or as a medical responder. These agents take a certification course that takes about 4 weeks and they get certification on bias prevention, mental illness and anti-racism. This allows them to better serve people who are calling them.

Due to their previous careers, they also tend to have a good sense for when a situation may be truly serious and when the caller may just need some reassurance about a situation that seems confusing or a major problem but might actually not be in reality. Read this article for related information.


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