Colcom Foundation: Advancing Sustainable Development in Pennsylvania

For more than twenty years, the Colcom Foundation has been a charitable group in Pittsburgh that strives to encourage sustainable development in the southwestern region of Pennsylvania. Their primary focus is preserving the environment and promoting sustainable population growth by financing initiatives and organizations that improve the area’s ecological balance and the local community’s quality of life.

Colcom’s foundation’s diversified funding interests include carrying capacity, local community development, and sustainable immigration policies. For example, the Population Media Center, supported by Colcom Foundation, uses mass media to promote family planning and reduce global birth rates. The foundation also funds organizations advocating sustainable immigration policies to stabilize and reduce the US population’s ecological footprint.

Colcom Foundation’s commitment to environmental conservation in southwestern Pennsylvania is impressive. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s Revolving Fund and Hollow Oak Land Trust receive funding to preserve open spaces and greenspaces in the region. The foundation also supports organizations focused on land conservation, protecting waterways, and promoting the natural and built beauty of the region.

The foundation prioritizes improving the community in southwestern Pennsylvania by funding projects that enhance the overall quality of life. Their focus areas include arts and culture, community and economic development, education, and health and human services. Their dedication to the community can be seen in the support they offer to local projects such as the We Are Nature:

  • Living in the Anthropocene exhibit by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Pairing service dogs with Pittsburgh veterans through Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs
  • The promotion of natural and built beauty in the region by Scenic Pittsburgh

Overall, Colcom Foundation is an exceptional force for sustainable development in southwestern Pennsylvania. Its commitment to environmental conservation, sustainable population growth, and community development is a testament to its desire to create a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future for the region. With the foundation’s unwavering support, numerous organizations and projects can thrive and positively impact the environment, community, and people’s lives. If you want to learn more, just click this page.


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