Dean Omar Continues to Hold Corporations Accountable for Their Actions

Thomas Glenn was diagnosed in 2014 and succumbed to mesothelioma just a year later. Dean Omar Branham Shirley, a law firm that fights back against the wrong-doings of big corporations, helped Glenn’s wife get justice for his wrongful death. 

A South Carolina jury discovered that Fisher was responsible for Thomas Glenn’s death. Glenn worked for Duke Energy for just under 30 years, frequently repairing and inspecting gaskets around several different factories. He was even closely involved while others were installing these gaskets. The gaskets were founded to contain asbestos. 

Two other companies were under investigation but ultimately found innocent in the case. 

Joyce Glenn was awarded $5.1 million in relation to the death of her husband thanks to the hard work of three people from Dean Omar – Jessica M. Dean, Jonathan M. Holder, and Charles Branham. 

Glenn was awarded $2 million in damages for her husband’s injuries prior to death, $1 million for losing companionship with her husband, and $2.1 million for for other punitive damages from Fisher.

The law firm of Dean Omar Branham Shirley is constantly working to make America a safer place for both workers and even consumers. Their goal is to make sure corporations take responsiblity for their shortsightedness and greed. Dean Omar is fighting to make communities safer in general. They often file lawsuits against corporations that they determine to be acting unreasonable and unsafe.