Dissecting the Entrepreneurial Career of Edgard Corona, the Smart Fit Owner

Smart Fit is a widely known enterprise owned by Edgard Corona. The success of Smart Fit showcases the entrepreneurial prowess of Edgard Corona, and he has managed to share insights into how he has become a successful business owner.

If you’ve been to Brazil before and you’re a fitness enthusiast, there is a likelihood that you have come across Smart Fit at some point; it is a chain of fitness studios and gyms spread out throughout the nation. Before venturing into the fitness industry, Edgard had invested in various ventures, including a laboratory and clothing store. At some point in his life, Edgard got into an accident when skiing, and he was advised to undergo physical therapy; this is when he realized that there was an opportunity in the fitness sector.


From his past ventures, Edgard Corona has garnered some valuable insights into overseeing a brand’s growth from scratch. He has made good use of the lessons he has learned over the years to oversee the growth and success of SmartFit.

When Edgard established SmartFit, he realized that the number of people attending the gym was drastically low. As a result, he had to formulate a plan that would inspire new behavior among people. Edgard developed a fitness program that allowed people to attain their desired physique without having to dedicate most of their time to exercising. He would even attend conferences with the sole aim of expanding his services. By doing so, he ensured SmartFit was on top, considering the competitive fitness sector.

SmartFit is present in other nations in Latin America, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Chile. Currently, SmartFit is serving more than 1.6 million students. By utilizing advanced forms of technology and following a business model that is scalable and infallible, SmartFit has become one of the largest success stories when it comes to the subscription model in business.