Dr. Jeffrey Harris, Former Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy’s View on Retail Education

Understanding financial markets require learning and training. Financial experts like Dr. Jeffrey Harris (Gary D. Cohn Goldman Sachs Chair) understand the relevance and importance of financial education. With his vast experience in the financial sector, his review of the Online Trading Academy’s curriculum gives him a better look at retail education in the financial industry. Dr. Jeffrey Harris took a good look at the course materials and virtual classes to make conclusive observations on retail education concerning the financial market. Dr. Jeffrey Harris advocates for an equitable platform allowing participation in the financial markets. He stresses that financial education is vital and should be a life skill to increase its participation in the financial markets. He is working with the American University and the Online Trading Academy to extend financial education to other territories.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Harris, there is a lack of exposure regarding financial education in investing and trading sectors. When comparing OTA’s curriculum and the university’s, he feels that it compares well. The Online Trading Academy bases its education on economic theories that compare well to what most undergraduate and graduate levels offer. Dr. Jeffrey Harris, having worked at the top level of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, brings to the table invaluable experience regarding financial securities. He concludes that OTA’s curriculum is at par with the acceptable financial learning techniques.

The Online Trading Academy provides an excellent educational and training foundation for their students, equipping them to trade for themselves. The solid foundation gives them confidence in investing and trading. Dr. Jeffrey Harris expresses his concerns that financial education is not equal. He feels that some retail education is theoretical while some are informational. According to him, retail education in financial markets should create confidence in students to build up the relevant skills and enable them to practice and progress.