Edgard Corona’s SmartFit Resume Normal Operations

Edgard Corona’s SmartFit gyms were enjoying great success until operations were interrupted by the pandemic. Each day, the management opened a new fitness center. However, Covid-19 affected the business processes, with some of them closing shop. Within four months, close to 900 of the firm’s branches had been closed. With the Brazilian government easing the Covid-19 regulations, businesses have started resuming normalcy.

Therefore, the company’s management looks forward to continuing with its previous plans of opening more branches. Now that most Brazilians have received the coronavirus jab, SmartFit hopes that business will improve in the days to come. In addition, the management looks forward to having more customers now that most people have been working from home and lived unhealthy lifestyles.

Edgard Corona’s company understands that most people stopped exercising because of the pandemic. Therefore, it is ready to make all the necessary changes to resume operations during the pandemic. It hopes to provide its clients with satisfactory services. The company has resumed operations in most of its fitness centers and follows the health guidelines set by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus.

As the head of the company and CEO of Bio Ritmo, Edgard Corona always looks for innovations before introducing them to the organization. He utilized that strategy more during the pandemic for the benefit of the company. Even when some of its fitness centers had stopped providing services, it engaged its workers to offer fitness tips and knowledge to customers in different locations. The staff would reach their customers using its website, which also contributed to acquiring more clients.

While trying to provide a safe environment for all the customers, Edgard Corona and the management worked with healthcare professionals. They directed all the people visiting the company’s gyms to wear masks and wash their hands before fitness sessions. The company also provided the staff with basic knowledge on providing services during the pandemic.