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Georgette Mulheir and Defend Haiti´s Democracy

Georgette Mulheir is working with other advocacy and human rights groups in Haiti to address the humanitarian situation that is turning chaotic in the central American country. Haiti got pledged into political chaos, and the rest of the world seems not to take many precautions in the situation. The unresponsive global world leaders made her step up and fill the Void as Georgette Mulheir tries to find lasting solutions to this crisis. In the past few months, Haiti’s situation has escalated to boiling levels, particularly how the authoritarian regime is handling the crisis. The Government is using an iron fist when dealing with those opposing the Government’s move to extend their illegal term limit against the wishes of the people’s republic of Haiti. 


The situation started as a political situation when the current president of Haiti decided to extend beyond the two terms limit as stipulated by the Central American country constitution. This was totally unconstitutional. Jovenel Moise disregarded the advice from the international community and some of the internal lawyers to extend the term limit falling into a dictatorship. Georgette Mulheir explains that the president acted in utter disgust to the constitution, and any attempt to persuade him to step down has fallen on deaf ears. Infect the authoritarian regime turned violent on those who decided to defend Haiti’s rule of law and democracy. Haiti is currently pledged in a humanitarian crisis. The regime targets the majority of its citizens for various unfounded atrocities. T


he Government has also taken much grip of the country’s institutions from the judiciary where people could seek justice. Currently, Haiti does not even have a functioning parliament as there is no elected people representative. It also leaves the whole Government in an embarrassing situation as it lacks any legitimacy to hold or make any rules that govern the people. Haiti’s Government has committed some of the worst crimes against humanity, with some state-sanctioned murders, rapes, and killings organized by the government operatives. According to Georgette Mulheir, advocacy groups have conducted research, and a report was filed by the Harvard Law school that clearly showed the extent to which the Government is prepared to remain in power. Consequently, the human rights groups in Haiti have recommended seeing the current regime at the international criminal court for human rights violations they have committed in Haiti.

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