How Deputy President and Vice Chairman, Hassan Jameel, Steered the Winds of ALJ’s Business Opportunities

A visionary leader and a businessman designated deputy president and vice chairman of the Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), Hassan Jameel is steering the winds of change towards a new digital era. Mobility and digitalisation are crucial to his mission in ensuring the profitable rise of ALJ’s businesses and leveraging on the benefits of digitisation.

He is a key player in ALJ’s journey towards becoming a digital provider of products and services. As vice chairman, he has developed new frameworks that measure and benchmark ALJ’s performance using digitalization.

ALJ eventually aims to be at the forefront of digital change and one step ahead of its competitors through leading-edge technology. Hassan Jameel is looking forward to providing the company with the agility and efficiency to compete in the marketplace through his insights into digitalisation.

Hassan Jameel also believes a large gap exists in the markets for ALJ’s products and services, especially in the UAE.

He is vice chairman of the Community Jameel programmed, one of the largest social responsibility programmes in the private sector. This initiative brings together people from all walks of life to benefit from ALJ’s donations, which reach out to communities worldwide.

He is an astute businessman who applies his knowledge and expertise to developing ALJ’s businesses. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the London Business School. He has transformed ALJ’s business model by strategically positioning itself in the rapidly growing e-commerce market, which has enabled the company to grow through strategic partnerships on a global level.

Hassan Jameel clearly sees the future and how to drive ALJ towards the next level. He undoubtedly has a knack for leadership, knowledge, and expertise to make a difference in the company. Under his supervision, ALJ is ready to embrace new digital strategies to help them reach their goals.