Human Resource Management André Des Rochers

André Des Rochers is the founder of Granderson Des Rochers and is focused on providing high-quality solutions for both consumers and businesses. Granderson Des Rochers is a company founded with the help of expertise and experience. They can offer end-to-end solutions with custom software engineering.


Also, led by the sports and media attorney, they specialize in consulting, IT services, digital marketing, and selling anything that helps to enrich your life. He went through trials in life as he earned degrees in Human Resource Management and Business Administration, together with certificates in Leadership Development and Business Writing. André Des Rochers is no stranger to working hard. 


André Des Rochers is the most reliable entertainment attorney currently at practice. He has been able to grow his business into one of the largest independent IT consulting firms in Canada as of today. With help from his wife and several partners, he started Granderson Des Rochers with only six employees and now has over five hundred tech workers and related personnel. 


He was promoted to director by Microsoft, where he created a web presence for his company and provided information and solutions on the technology solutions they provide. André Des Rochers has been able to lead and build a Fortune company where he is now equally focused on launching his own consulting business.


Des Rochers has built a business that works hard to provide high-quality services to its consumers and also help them through their strategies. His company has helped clients across Canada solve technical problems ranging from applications, database systems, networks, and data. André Des Rochers has a proven track record of delivering successful IT consulting solutions.


These strategies have helped businesses all over Canada to grow successfully in their respective industries. The successful attorney André Des Rochers’s success story is one of a kind. The entertainment lawyer has been able to start and grow a business that has helped many companies all over Canada generate technological solutions that help them succeed in their industry. He has created a successful business that delivers high-quality services and solutions.