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M Patrick Carroll Addresses Other Real Estate Professionals at the BisNow Real Estate Summit in Florida

The commercial real estate market in South Florida is still strong amid the pandemic. Recently, an event was held, and it brought together some of the leading financial executives and real estate investors. The event was held in Miami.

The BisNow Summit usually focuses on the positive effects associated with new investments. One of the speakers at the summit includes M Patrick Carroll, the CARROLL Founder.

M Patrick Carroll would utilize his unique understanding of the real estate sector to offer insights regarding continued trends and changes. BisNow is currently a global leader when it comes to commercial real estate. The firm is operating in at least 50 metropolitan markets based in the UK, Ireland, and North America. The firm usually hosts regional market events, and they’re all strategic. When real estate moguls come together, numerous business opportunities usually come about, and most of them are strategic.

Investment Strategies and Deal Flow Overview

The summit by BisNow brought together real estate developers and investment professionals. Real estate economists and brokers, among other professionals, were also obliged to attend the event.

The speakers placed emphasis on South Florida, having seen unparalleled levels of different real estate investments gaining interest within the past year. The professionals in attendance presented the capital markets of South Florida and the present market conditions. M Patrick Carroll and his counterparts went ahead and issued their predictions for the future market trends.

The investment professionals also went ahead to talk about how the investment flow is playing a key role in the continued market expansion. The professionals issued their predictions about the asset classes that will perform well in the near future.


When different professionals come together, it is possible to brainstorm and find solutions to different issues relating to the real estate market. Also, it is possible to identify different business opportunities that will prove to be beneficial to all real estate investors in the long run.

Learn more about Patrick: https://mpatrickcarroll.medium.com/