Matthew Mansell Believes Gyms Are Here To Stay


The gym took a financial beating during the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite the problems in the industry, Athlo founder Matthew Mansell believes brick-and-mortar gyms will be with us for years to come. Mansell and his app, described as the next fitness unicorn, are fighting to improve membership levels in gyms.

Matthew Mansell is not your average fitness entrepreneur. The former professional rugby player has grown up in a team environment and looks to continue this in his business career. Matthew Mansell believes Athlo provides impressive services to gym owners and members alike. The company provides access to app members struggling to get all the benefits from their gym membership. Mansell’s app allows gym members to share their memberships with others. The benefits of membership sharing are felt by gym owners, who see higher attendance figures and new members. The Athlo founder provides access to curated classes allowing non-members to try them before buying a membership.

One of the benefits of working with a business owned and operated by a former professional sportsperson is the sense of cooperation he has built. The next fitness unicorn has been created to address the fitness sector in a new way. Mansell’s approach to expanding the gym membership sector includes gyms cooperating with members to bring new faces through the door.

Despite being at the head of a technology-focused business, Matthew Mansell has no interest in removing brick-and-mortar gyms from the world. Matthew Mansell hopes that gym owners will cooperate through his app to provide access at affordable prices for all who are interested in fitness. Athlo is seen by Mansell as an intermediary between gyms and potential members.

By bringing these two groups together, Mansell’s brand could open up a new world of success in the fitness sector. Unprecedented growth is expected in the fitness sector, with Mansell positioned to help drive the physical and technology-based fitness sector forward. See this page for more information.


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