QNET contribution to the economy

QNET is a direct-selling multilevel marketing company founded in 1998 in Manila, the Philippines, with the vision of transforming traditional business models. Since then, it has grown tremendously with its US affiliate network, consisting of over 100,000 members in 72 countries.

The company deals with products that are targeted at the mass market. It has been participating in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) services to share the concept of direct selling by allowing retail sales to customers.

The institution started with a dream to explore the potential of direct selling in developing and established countries. they signed a partnership with the Government of the Philippines in 1998 and started to explore business opportunities and new markets (primarily in the mass market segment) worldwide. QNET has penetrated various markets by strategically entering large developing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand.

QNET offers high-quality products at a low cost of investment, in addition to providing customers with customized services and the opportunity for personal growth as a member. With more than 100,000 members in 72 countries worldwide, it has expanded its business and developed its network from being just a direct selling company specializing in health products to catering to customers’ needs through its service offerings.

How the company contributes to the economy:

The source of government revenue:

  • The company pays income tax, value-added tax, and taxes for goods and services as any other company does.
  • Employment:
    • it hires local people as much as possible from the countries represented by our network to promote human resources development.
  • Decrease in unemployment rate:
    • The availability of a new business opportunity to the general public may encourage more people to participate in the workforce, which subsequently increases the employment rate and decreases unemployment by creating additional jobs.
  • Increase in GDP:
    • Healthy lifestyle is one of company’s major business targets as it provides healthy diets, cosmetics, and remedy products to its members. Therefore, it is expected that it will positively impact the economy as it results in more sales to the general public, resulting in more income for the national government.

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