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Roland Dickey Jr – Secret Sauce To Success

The history of Dickey’s Barbecue started in Dallas Texas with a married couple of Travis and Ollie Dickey serving sandwiches off the smoker to hungry patrons. Through the decades as ownership traded hands, entrepreneurship and innovation kept the Dickey family in growing business.

From advertising space on their signage to franchising early in a bid to be the lone star state’s iconic eatery for big events and social gatherings. Attention to detail in their limited but high-quality menu saw new additions paired to their growing customer base outside Texas.

Realizing the value customers associated with branding, the Dickey family made themselves synonymous with freshly baked bread and big yellow cups of sweet drink to go along with their hickory-smoked flavoring. Then when the third generation of the Dickey family took the reins with Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth, the brand was brought into the digital age.

Utilizing data systems and information technology in the restaurant’s customer surveys and delivery network, Roland ensured the business had the appropriate infrastructure to push franchising into international markets. Soon with advanced logistics and real estate holdings, the Dickey Restaurant Group saw its first subsidiary company in charge of business holdings.

The Dickey Capital Group, with Roland as Chief Executive Officer and wife Laura Rea in charge of the restaurants, has been the main outlet for the Dickey family to expand into different businesses from real estate to metal fabrication and different retail holdings.Visit this page for more information.

Despite the wide-scale expansion, Roland Dickey Jr has stated interest in continuing to develop different business models and develop the family brand as they reach new customer bases, with a recent location opening in Brazil marking the successful growth of Dickey Jr’s internationally. The chains success has been noted by many magazines and recently the Dickey name made it to the Top Business list in 2020.


For more information, visit him on https://www.thedickeyfoundation.org/rolanddickeyjr