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Ryan Kavanaugh Joins the NFT Revolution

While you may have heard of Ryan Kavanaugh as the guy who made Triller the number two social app on the market these days after TikTok, he’s moving beyond his initial investment and into the NFT market. Seeing a big opportunity with the ways NFTs are created and sold, he’s developed a strategy that will benefit not just from NFTs themselves, but also sever to bring more attention to Triller as well. Let’s see just what Ryan Kavanaugh has cooked up for his latest investment strategy.

Leveraging the NFT Market

NFT stands for non-fungible-token. It is usually a piece of digital artwork, but it can take other forms as well such as music or video. The real value of the NFT is in how it is encrypted, making it unique. This allows people to buy and sell NFTs similar to how the art market works. Understanding this fact Ryan Kavanaugh is creating NFTs that have to do with his social app platform Triller. In this way not only does he create a high-value NFT, but he also brings attention back to the app which will lure in new users.

Combining Music and Video

Since Triller is highly focused on music by providing it royalty-free to users, it only made sense for Ryan Kavanaugh to create music-based NFTs. He’s also created video-based and still image NFTs as well. Here are some examples of NFTs he’s made:

  • Jake Paul going to the ring to have a match with Ben Askren
  • The knockout blow that took place in the Reykon-Fournier fight
  • The “Goodnight Juice” punch that happened in the Prograis-Redkach fight
  • A musical performance by Justin Bieber

As you can see, Ryan Kavanaugh has an eye for high-value NFTs and how they relate to Triller. Following this strategy, it’s very likely that we’ll see a Triller resurgence soon.

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