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Simon Denyer, A Renowned Journalist Who Has Established a Lucrative Career Both in Journalism and Writing Books

Simon Denyer is one of the most sought-after people in journalism. Simon has established an expansive and commendable career in the last 50 years. The journalism guru holds an MA in Economics from the prestigious Trinity College in Cambridge. His journalism coveted career has led to Simon working in Africa, New York, Latin America, and London.

For eighteen years of his expansive career, Simon worked with Reuters. It is during his tenure at Reuters that saw Simon working as a Bureau Chief in Pakistan and Afghanistan from the year 2002 to 2004. From 2004 to 2009, Simon Denyer worked for Reuters as Bureau Chief in India.

After accomplishing his assignment in India, Simon Denyer was deployed to Washington still as the Bureau Chief of the journalistic company from 2009 to 2011 marking a significant growth in his career. Since the year 2011, Simon has been working as the Bureau Chief at the Washington Post.

Simon is one of the regular guests on television channels across the US, UK, and India. Simon Denyer also doubles up as the president of the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia. Simon’s expansive career has resulted in him being one of the most celebrated and adored journalists across the globe.

During his deployment in India, the former Bureau Chief of the Washington Post in the country perceptively captures the country’s crucial tilting point.

In his book, Rogue Elephant Simon captures the history of India from the dynasty of the Nehru-Gandhi family, a family that has ruled the country for a significant number of years since it gained independence to flawless heroes that include news anchor Arnab Goswami and the famous anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejwiral. The book also keenly focuses on ordinary but compelling people who go out of their way to fight against the rogue system and corruption. Go Here for related Information.