The Career of Bob Bull

Bob Bull might be the CEO of RoyaleLife right now, but he is well aware of the fact that some people aren’t quite as lucky. So how does he do it? Well, it all started back in the 70’s when he was first coming of age in a small town outside of Wiltshire.

He knew that he wanted to go into the field of real estate but was not sure how he was going to bring it to fruition. When he was done with all of his work in high school, he was not sure what college to enroll in.

Bob Bull soon knew that UL was the right fit for him and so he began to matriculate there in the fall of 96. As he made his way through the work, he did his best to ensure that his grades were top notch so he could get a good job later on in life.

As he got closer to the end date, he would go to his mentor and ask him for advice on how to make it out there and he would give him the best wisdom he could provide. As he was turning his back on his academic career, Bob Bull decided that, rather than work for someone, he would be his own boss.

So he consulted with people on the best ways to sell their property and how to ensure they get the best price on their house when they put it on the market. He did this for 18 years and liked it but knew he could do more.

So in the fall of 18, Bob Bull became the founder of what is now known as RoyaleLife, one of the best new bungalow providers in the nation. He now lives in Embley Park, Hampshire.

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