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The new era of the BNPL system: Zilch

BNPL is an acronym for buy now and pay later, which is an entire new system that addresses a gap within the e-commerce market. The gap is filled by this new payment system that offers customers the ability to purchase an item by paying upfront a small portion of the total purchase and the rest of the small payments will be made throughout the following weeks. This is an incredible opportunity for all the younger generations that are dealing with financial hardships. It gives them access to the things they need by not worrying about not having the money at hand.

Zilch is a high rated and well-developed payment solution that continues to thrive in the e-commerce market. One of the biggest advantages is that Zilch provides 0% interest free payments. According to finsmes.com, “the system works by using open banking and AI to calculate each customer’s affordability, and Zilch only funds low-value discretionary purchases to protect shoppers against over-borrowing.” Over-borrowing is a very important concept when it comes to money management. Many times, the individual can borrow above their means causing financial instability. So, for Zilch to build an AI system that can calculate the individual’s affordability is an excellent approach in preventing the consumer to become overwhelmed about paying back what they can’t afford. Zilch is the new online shopping payment structure that has opened the horizons to new forms of payment.

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