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Thought Leadership With Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt possesses an incredibly unique career path. Greg Blatt started his educational pursuit at Colgate University. His bachelor’s degree was in literature. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Greg left to travel. He used the time for some wise professional exploration and reflection.

He ventured throughout North America and briefly spent time in Europe. After his vacation to France, Budapest, and California, he settled down in New York to attend law school. Greg studied at Columbia University where he obtained the professional degree Juris Doctor.

Although successful at practicing law, Greg Blatt decided to pivot his career path towards the creative or private sector. Utilizing his savvy executive climb through the ranks of law firms, Greg Blatt found himself as the Vice President of various organizations such as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. and IAC. Leading as general counsel for numerous organizations throughout the years, Greg Blatt acquired over a decade of experience as the proverbial thought leader for his companies.

As CEO, Greg Blatt was in charge of over 23 operating businesses and 150 web and media brands under the umbrella company IAC. Recently, he has used his time at InterActiveCorp (IAC) to focus his attention on growth strategies for some of their new internet and media organizations. The recently acquired Match Group raised particular interest with Greg Blatt.

Greg Blatt has chosen to use his experience as a professional thinker to head Match Group as CEO and Chairman. Greg played a vital role in ensuring Match Group had a success IPO in 2015. Greg Blatt has also taken the time to assess and advise decisions for Tinder by leading the company as chief executive officer. Go here for additional information.


Learn more about Blatt on https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/1984622