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Through A New Lens: Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez came along at the right time for a business called Hawkers. Hawkers was a small company that was still growing but it was stuck on how to get more customers and expand the base. That is when a friend told Alejandro Betancourt Lopez about the company. He took a look at the product and liked what he saw. It was up to him to come up with the idea to help it move forward. He was able to do just that and more.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had the perfect idea to get Hawkers out of the rut they were in. It was bold for the time but it paid off in spades. It was a campaign that was entirely internet-based. He was able to use the formats to spread the word about the company and its sunglasses. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helped expand the base because those formats are used worldwide. It was a stroke of genius by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez.

He also made sure that the product itself was up to par. Some sunglasses were far too expensive for some people to buy and really cheap ones could break easily. He was able to figure out the best price point so that more people could afford them and get a good pair of sunglasses at a decent price. that is how the company got out of the rut they were in and were able to go on a global scale. That was worth the effort.

What Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw was an opportunity knocking at the door and he was able to answer it. All it takes is one person to move a company from modest means to global success. That is exactly what he did and now it has become a new global sensation.

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