Tom Keane On Microsoft and Azure Efforts to Empower Developers

In a recent article, Tom Keane, Azure Corporate Vice President, claimed that Azure enables any developer to become a space developer. He wrote that Microsoft has a long history of supporting the software development community. The company boasts the globe’s most robust developer tools and platforms, including Visual Studio and GitHub. 


It also empowers a suite of industries, including the finance, healthcare and space sectors. He claims that Microsoft is bringing power, accessibility and security to local developers by expanding its focus on space. He continues to say that Microsoft offers developers a cutting-edge platform that allows the connection of AI workload with the Azure cloud. By doing so, Tom Keane adds, Azure is removing barriers preventing space application development and increasing software solutions’ flexibility and usability. 


As a result, Azure from Microsoft Corporation empowers developers making space workloads to take advantage of its developer tools to create, analyze, launch and use space applications. Tom Keane also announced that Azure has several partnerships and capabilities to support software developers even further. 


The partnerships involve its work with TAS to develop new on-orbit technologies and the NASA and HPE AI Astronaut Safety test. Tom Keane recalls how the capabilities include assessing space-borne data and creating new technologies with Loft Orbit.


As a Corporate Vice President, Tom Keane leads a global engineering team that specializes in creating Microsoft’s Azure platform for use by people in any industry and country. His organization has many tasks, such as creating and releasing Azure data center areas, increasing its worldwide coverage and serving current zone infrastructure. Software developer and engineer Tom Keane is the one in charge of leading these projects at Microsoft.