Trevor Edwards Life at a Glance

Trevor Edwards was born in England in 1962. He is married and has two children. Trevor was educated at the Baruch College in New York, where he earned a degree in business in 1984. Later on, he earned an M.B.A. in international marketing and finance. Trevor has also learned several foreign languages, including French, German, and Latin. Since he was of tender age, Trevor Edwards has been passionate about climbing the corporate that and currently, he is the corporate vice president of a large international company. Trevor started his working career as a marketer at Colgate-Palmolive. After several years, he joined Nike as regional marketing manager for its eastern region.

After joining Nike, Trevor has put in the effort and has consequently climbed the corporate ladder to attain a managerial position. He was first promoted and placed in charge of strategic accounts, and two years later was promoted to director of marketing. In 1999 he became the vice president of marketing and was in charge of various organizational activities, including brand design, advertising, and public relations. His success is attributed to his charisma, hard work, and determination to achieve only the best results in his career. With his leadership and brilliant marketing skills, Trevor has led Nike to success and has inspired many along the way.

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