Vulcan Blockchain Finds Success With Bryan Legend at the Helm

By now, you might have heard the terms crypto or cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi (decentralized finance) and are wondering about all the ways they have revolutionized the financial sector as you know it. Advances in these types of technology have provided better and faster avenues to send and receive money across the globe while earning without having to utilize traditional banking institutions, offering more freedom to take control over your finances than ever before.

The New Blockchain

Vulcan Blockchain is the new titan in town, and no, it is not something from the famous franchise that everyone knows and loves. It is a new blockchain that includes a mechanism that adjusts the circulating supply of its native coin $VUL and it is the first of its kind. Other innovative features of the Vulcan Blockchain include auto-compounding and auto-staking without having to actually stake your coins. This means that the sole requirement to take advantage of the auto-staking feature is to simply hold or “hodl” coins in the wallet to earn yield.

The Name, the Expertise, the Legend

The dynamic leader behind the blockchain is none other than Bryan Legend. He is the founder and CEO of the Vulcan Blockchain and is also the co-founder of OOXY Labs. A native of Adelaide in South Australia, this serial entrepreneur, developer, influencer, investor, and visionary utilized years of expertise and ingenuity to become the who’s who in the crypto space and beyond. Mr. Bryan Legend is also known for offering innovative and custom-tailored solutions to empower seasoned and young entrepreneurs to achieve and succeed in their business goals. This expert of experts from Australia is a continued investor of many well-known global companies like Amazon and Tesla as well as several start-ups. To this day, Bryan Legend continues to be an ever dedicated and committed leader, helping the DeFi sector in its development, evolution, and transformation.