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What PosiGen Means to the Communities Living in New Orleans

PosiGen is an energy company that has made its reputation by providing affordable and reliable solar energy to the residents of New Orleans. The institution started with an aim to liberate low-income homeowners from the trauma caused by Hurricane Katrina. PosiGen staff members know that the catastrophe forced people to rebuild their homes using 16 programs available at that time. However, the option was only favoring the rich as the poor could not afford the cost. Unfortunately, the highest percentage of the residents belonged to the lower and middle-income classes.


Fortunately, the founders of PosiGen solar power company learned about the statistics and the trouble that people were having trying to rebuild their homes. The leaders felt the need to help people start their lives over with affordable and reliable energy. The PosiGen company introduced flexible programs to the community, restoring their shattered dreams and hope.The company allows people to save money, which it uses to develop their lives. 


By introducing affordable solar energy, the organization encourages people to commit to the course, transforming their lives immensely. PosiGen prioritizes the safety of its customers at home, with hygienically improved energy options for domestic use (Yahoo).

PosiGen solar power company introduced an approach that is friendly to the lowest income earner, ensuring that everybody can afford solar energy in their homes without any strain. The program encourages people to save with the company, which in return installs solar panels for them. The PosiGen institution does not prioritize making a profit. That way, it does not install the system to anyone that does embrace the saving culture. That way, customers enjoy a win-win experience.